Easing Into Fall

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the late Summer or Earth season can be  one of the most challenging transitions in the 5 element system. It’s important to balance the heat and humidity present at the end of Summer so you can prepare to ease into Fall with a strong immune system.

All the summer squashes and zucchini are plentiful right now.  Having ample portions of these healthy helpers either grated raw into mid-day salads or grilled/lightly steamed side dishes will harmonize the “Liver” and “Spleen” organ systems in TCM terms supporting your natural detox and immune system functions.

Moderate amounts of whatever protein works for you also helps to strengthen the “Kidney”/adrenal systems in preparation for Winter. Adding appropriate amounts of seasonal starchy veggies like the hard squashes and corn also balances the system to harmonize the effects of heat and humidity.

Holding your thumb and ring fingers until you feel a strong rhythmic pulse daily will bring you through the “Earth” element season and into the “Metal”/Fall with ease.

A Votre Sante,