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More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes – Eileen’s Millet “Mashed Potatoes”

There was a period during my sessions with Eileen that I could not have potatoes of any kind. I shared with Eileen that I missed the flavor and consistency of potatoes, so she came up with this delicious alternative for me.


1 cup water
1 garlic clove minced

1 onion minced

2 tbls oil of choice

1 1/2 cups cauliflower pieces

1 cup millet cooked

Freshly ground pepper to taste

In a large saucepan, saute the garlic and onion in the oil over moderate heat for 5 minutes, until softened. Add the cauliflower, and 1 cup of water. Cover and cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes until the cauliflower is fork tender.

In a blender or food processor, add cooked millet to the veggie mix & puree until smooth. Keep warm in a covered saucepan until ready to eat.

A Votre Sante`,


More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes – Eileen’s Quick Summer Salad

One very long, hot summer, I asked Eileen to share a quick lunch or dinner recipe for hot summer’s days.
Eileen also told me that Dr. Bieler favored cucumbers as a wonderful hot weather restorative as well as the “Bieler” staples, zucchini & summer squash.
If you have a sensitive digestive system or simply don’t do well with cucumbers, just omit them and add any lightly cooked summer squash in it’s place.
I hope you will enjoy this easy to prepare recipe as much as I have. It’s been a summer mainstay for many years.


1 cup lemon cucumber or English seedless cucumber thinly sliced
12-14 mini tomatoes halved (yellow are best as they are the least acidic)
2 cups cooked rice, kamut, or spelt elbow or rotelle pasta
1 cup chilled cooked zucchini sliced thinly before cooking al dente.
1 cup blanched & chilled brocolli flowerettes
2 cups julienned romaine lettuce
2-4 tbls raw, unsalted Pine Nuts (optional)
8-12 oz of your cooked protein of choice: chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, hard boiled eggs

DRESSING: Olive oil & Balsamic vinegar to taste or olive oil and lemon juice as preferred.
Toss everything well in the dressing except the protein and romaine lettuce. Gentley fold in the protein and romaine last.
Serve immediately. This recipe yields 2 servings.

A Votre Sante,

More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes


Over the years when I called Eileen for help with a cold or flu, she recommended either Source Naturals Wellness Formula, Zinc Lozenges, Oscilloccinimum homeopathic, or the Chinese Herbal formulas Gan Mao Ling or Yin Chaio as an extra support in addition to a short specific fast.

For colds or flu when I experienced chills & body aches /higher fever she recommended I take 1-2 capsules of the Wellness Formula twice daily the minute I felt anything setting in, then cutting back to 1 capsule twice daily until I felt better… or Gan Mao Ling if I had it on hand.

For colds with scratchy throat & low/no fever she recommended the Yin Chaio or Zinc Lozenges if I caught it before the cold set in.

For general prevention she suggested a vial of Oscilloccocinum once weekly during the cold & flu season.

Food Remedies:

If I had a flu expressing as a high fever with body aches, she would recommend papaya juice diluted 50/50 with distilled water until the fever broke alternating with homemade beef broth (NO SALT) made with the cooking water of zucchini. I then could add in mashed zucchini or diluted zuchini puree with sauteed extra lean ground beef every few hours alternating with diluted papaya juice at least 1 hour later until I felt better.

With most colds she recommended diluted papaya or apple juice alternating with Bieler’s Soup..sans celery for 2-3 days. Zinc Lozenges at the onset was a mainstay she recommended to me to shorten the duration of the cold.

With any cough or sore throat she always recommended staying away from eggs, the cabbage family veggies and turkey.

A Votre Sante,


More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipies

Here are some of the natural remedies Eileen shared with me for insect bites and a non-toxic household ant repellant.


Take 3 drops of echinacea tincture mixed with 3 drops of goldenseal tincture in distilled water twice daily for 5-7 days.


Mix aloe vera gel with equal amounts of lemon juice and apply to the bite to reduce swelling and itching.

Of course with any insect or animal bite, eliminate all sugar and concentrated sweeteners from your diet and increase your low starch veggie intake along with liberal amounts of Bieler’s Soup. Since Eileen told me many times that a small amount (the operative word is SMALL here) of lemon acts as a cleanser to the system, I would always add a squeeze of lemon to my Bieler’s Soup.

I asked Eileen once about her feelings regarding the popular lemon juice/cayenne pepper/maple syrup daily cleanse and her response was that “less is best”, using a remedy as stimulating as this one only when needed AND if the adrenals are relatively strong/thyroid not over stimmed. She went on to say “when needed” would be at the onset of a cold or flu if the weather was cold and only once daily for a day or so.


Mix together equal amounts of :

Epsom Salts & flour (any kind) with the white of one egg

Stir until well blended and sprinkle at the entrance of any ant trails. This remedy has always worked like a charm for me over the years!

A Votre Sante,


………………..Next month more remedies & recipes from Eileen Poole

Easing Into Fall

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the late Summer or Earth season can be  one of the most challenging transitions in the 5 element system. It’s important to balance the heat and humidity present at the end of Summer so you can prepare to ease into Fall with a strong immune system.

All the summer squashes and zucchini are plentiful right now.  Having ample portions of these healthy helpers either grated raw into mid-day salads or grilled/lightly steamed side dishes will harmonize the “Liver” and “Spleen” organ systems in TCM terms supporting your natural detox and immune system functions.

Moderate amounts of whatever protein works for you also helps to strengthen the “Kidney”/adrenal systems in preparation for Winter. Adding appropriate amounts of seasonal starchy veggies like the hard squashes and corn also balances the system to harmonize the effects of heat and humidity.

Holding your thumb and ring fingers until you feel a strong rhythmic pulse daily will bring you through the “Earth” element season and into the “Metal”/Fall with ease.

A Votre Sante,


Simple Strategies For Summer Colds & Flu

Due to the increased intake of higher sugar fruits,refined carbs, alcohol and summer desserts many people experience lowered immune systems making them more susceptible to colds flu.

Spending a lot of time in air conditioning can also stress the immune system due to the temperature differential from inside to outside.    Make sure you change your AC filters every few months to avoid dust/molds etc. from being re-circulated into the air you breath inside your home or office.  Using a small portable air purifier can be a good idea if your office building does not change filters often.

One of the most effective coping tools for a stressed immune system is of course increasing your low starch veggie intake to balance the higher intake of natural refined sugars/carbs.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on or are in the thro’s of one, the following suggestions can help to either head it off at the pass or decrease your down time.

1) Increase your vitamin C intake.  Emergen C Lite is a tasty way to do this.

2) If your symptoms are  what the traditional Asian healing arts would call “heat type” symptoms ( scratchy throat, irritability, low grade fever or just feeling hot),  then the Chinese herbal formula Yin Chiao or some echinachea will help.

If your symptoms are more “cold type”( body aches, chills, higher fever, can’t get warm), then Goldenseal , ginger tea or  Source Naturals ” Wellness Formula” will help.

3) Zinc lozenges every few hours can also shorten a viral episode significantly.  I like Quantum Labs formulas or Zand lozenges.

4) Taking a warm bath with 1/2 lb. each of sea salt/epsom salts/baking soda can help to lighten the toxin load through the skin and  will alkalinize the PH.

5) A  2-3 day fast on diluted Bieler’s Soup either warm or cold with a generous squeeze of lemon/lime juice alternating with diluted apple juice will speed recovery.

6)  You can take you health into your own hands..literally by lightly holding each of your fingers until a rhythmic pulse is felt.  This is a secret from the ancient traditional Asian healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu that will turn on your “Inner Healer” balancing more than 14,000 functions in the body with each finger.

7) Take the time to rest in order to allow your “Inner Healer” to do the needed work.  A few days off your normal exercise routine won’t set you back at all.

Stay tuned next month for some ideas for easing into Fall the healthy way.

A Votre Sante..


Simple Ideas To Beat The Heat This Summer

With the dog days of summer upon us, here are a few tips to stay comfortable in the summer heat & humidity.

1) According to Traditional Chinese Medicine nutrition, apple juice cools “summer heat”.  A refreshing glass of 50/50 unsweetened apple juice and sparkling water will go a long way to cooling you down in the summer heat.  For a different twist, float some of your favorite frozen fruits in the spritzer.  My favorites are: frozen whole grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries ,sliced peaches, nectarines, kiwi or balls of melons and papaya.

2) Adding sliced cucumbers & steamed corn kernels cut off the cob to your salads is another TCM tip to cool “summer heat”.

3) Leftover chilled pasta or red potatoes can also be added to your salads for a lighter change from the usual lunch sandwich.

4) Make a frozen fruit smoothie for breakfast instead of cereal on those really warm days.  I like to blend a medley of frozen fruits with either plain unsweetened yogurt or unsweetened coconut milk.  If you prefer a more intense sweet taste, use a bit of stevia powder when you blend.

5) Frozen “fruitsicles” are quick and easy to make.  Simply start with the above smoothie recipe & pour into popsicle molds or small paper cups with a stick inserted..then freeze for later.  I make a double recipe in the morning so I can make a batch of “fruitsicles” for later.

6) Have aloe gel or juice on hand in your frig to help sooth sunburns or take the itch out of insect bites.

7) Remember to keep your water intake up, especially when drinking alcohol to prevent dehydration.  Adding a slice of lemon or lime will make it easier to keep your target amount high.

8) Increasing your salad & raw veggies  will help keep you in tune during the heat of summer.

9) On those really warm nights, make yourself an omelette filled with leftover steamed or grilled veggies like asparagus, summer squashes,  zucchini, mushrooms and or green beans with maybe a side of  grilled sourdough bread.



Spring Cleaning Part II

With the Spring equinox just past & warmer weather approaching, it’s a good time to start “spring cleaning” for your body.

This does not have to be in the form of a strict extended water or juice fast, but instead a more gentle, supportive approach to rid your body of winter accumulations.

1) Start by taking a day or 2…or 3 off your usual routine to begin a short Bieler’s Soup fast. Every hour or so, have a cup of Bieler’s Soup either hot or cold. You may add a squeeze of lemon or lime using any of your favorite herbs/spices for flavoring. Just avoid adding salt.

2) Make sure to drink at least 6-8, 8 oz. glasses of pure water (not tap) throughout the day to assist in cleansing.

3) For additional benefits, Art of Health’s “Deep Nourishment” or “Soothing Comfort” teas are not only delicious, but restorative. I like mine with a bit of stevia added either hot or cold.

4) A daily bath with 8 oz. of Epsom salts & a few drops of lavendar or chammomile essential oils will help you to relax, restore balance to the cental nervous system & assist the detox through the skin.

5) Some form of mild excercise such as restorative yoga,lwalking, or swimming is best during the fast so as not to tax your body.

6) Go onto my website & use some of the Natural Self Care Healing tools for a few minutes a day. Jin Shin Jyutsu self care is an amazingly simple, but powerful natural healing tool.

After the fast, go back to a health supportive eating plan as outlined in “Eat Your Way To Health”.

If you find yourself experiencing “build up” symptoms during the short fast such as mild headaches, body aches, low energy, or skin erruptions during the “spring cleaning”, this will usually pass in 2-3 days. Using the Jin Shin Jyutsu & daily baths will help to alleviate cleansing symptoms.

Of course, if these symptoms persist or worsen in the days following the fast, you may need to enlist the help of a holistic health care or medical practitioner to sort things out.

Stay tuned for more tips to create optimal health next month.


Spring Cleaning

With the end of winter fast approaching, here are a few easy to prepare, tasty recipes to get a head start on “spring cleaning”…and increase your daily low starch veggie quota.


2, 1 lb. packages of frozen brocolli
1/3 cup olive oil
1 tlbs. grated lemon rind
1 lemon
Spice Hunter Pasta Seasoning to taste

Place frozen brocolli on a foil lined baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, lemon rind, & Spice Hunter Pasta Seasoning. Bake @ 400 for 25 minutes. Just before serving squeeze the lemon juice over the batch & serve. Great hot or cold.

I often make a double recipe to have on hand to toss into lunch salads or pasta.


2 cups finely chopped kale
3/4 cup thinly sliced fresh fennel bulb
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
2 tbls. fresh lemon or lime juice
4 tbls. olive oil

Lightly steam kale & fennel until just wilted/tender but still retaining color. Drain well & toss with olive oil & citrus juices.

Serve hot or cold.


3 cups of coarsely chopped dandelion greens
1 cup thinly sliced mushrooms (shiitake are my favorite)
4 tbls olive oil
2 tsp Spice Hunter Italian Seasoning
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Lightly blanch dandelion greens & drain well. In a spearte pan sauteed the mushrooms in olive oil until tender adding the Spice Hunter Italian Seasoning & garlic powder. Combine with the dandelion greens & serve hot or cold.

I make a double batch of this to have served up on a slice of my favorite wheat free/yeast free toasted bread. It’s a great open faced snack that is also a super liver detoxer. For a quick light meal, top with 2 poached eggs.

Coming Next Month…..”Spring Cleaning Tips”

Get Back On Track After the Holidays

Since most of us have indulged heartily in a variety of celebration fare over the holiday season, many of you may be feeling the cumulative effects of too much holiday cheer about now in the forms of lowered energy, dimished resistance to colds & flu, excess weight, & non stop sweet cravings.

The following simple tips will help you to get back on track, feel better & shed those unwanted pounds that have crept on over the past few months.

Increasing your intake of lightly cooked low starch veggies is a great start to reducing excess poundage and to restore balance to a system that’s become overly acidic from too many sugars (alcohol included), too much salt & starches. The Bieler’s Soup recipe in my e-book is an easy , tasty way to do this.

By starting your day with a bowl of cooked whole grain cereal, a poached egg (or other source of protein) & some Bieler’s Soup or lightly cooked low starch veggies, you will give your body a steady stream of clean burning fuel that will see you through until lunch or a mid morning snack depending on your individual needs.

Don’t limit yourself to cooked oatmeal. Try kamut, spelt or rye rolled flakes that cook up in a matter of minutes..or if you have the time cook the whole grains ahead of time & store in the frig for use later. Mixing the cooked grains instead of eating one variet at a time not only gives a wider variety of nutrients, but gives different textures & tastes. Quinoa & buckwheat are also delicious morning cereal grains that both come in “quick” forms.

A small amount of fruit in your morning cereal adding some oat , rice, un-sweetened coconut milk or dairy if it agrees with you is a nice alternative breakfast. I really enjoy adding a tbls. of freshly ground flax seed to either breakfast to give both a tasty crunch & a nice serving of EFA’s. A small pat of unsalted butter or dollop of hazelnut oil is another delicious way to add EFA’s to your daily diet.

Eating small mini meals that include a couple of ounces of your favorite protein, a complex carb & ample portion of low starch veggies several times a day works wonders. This will help you to stabilize blood sugar & to lessen sweet/salt cravings as well as melting off the pounds. My quick & easy favorite is a few slices of turkey or chicken on a Wasa cracker with a bit of Dijon style mustard & some Bieler’s Soup. One to two of the mini meals( mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks) can be a portion of fruit with yogurt or fruit blended into a smoothie with some freshly ground flax & oat or rice milk with a tbls. of unsweetened coconut milk for body.

Some ideas for New Year’s resolutions to make vibrant health & ideal weight a reality….

1) Incorporate low starch veggies into your daily diet. I know I sound like a broken record, but this really is the foundation for a healthy diet.

2) Bring balance into your daily diet. An easy way to do this is to get in the habit of drinking a cup of Bieler’s Soup or equal amount of low starch veggies every time you eat a flour product or protein. There are many quick & easy to prepare veggie soup recipes in my e-book as well so you don’t get bored. The soups are great because you can grab them on the run.

3) Start to think of sugar & alcohol as celebration treats, not daily fare…and balance with a cup of Bieler’s Soup or low starch veggies before or after the celebration. In a pinch, punch a few holes into a zucchini punched & microwave for 1 minute each side for a quick & portable low starch veggies serving. You can easily take this with you to a restaurant & sneak it onto your main dish plate without anyone noticing. This tip has been a godsend for many of my clients who travel a lot since most hotels have microwaves in the rooms.

4) Get into the habit of reading labels for hidden sugars, preservatives, chemicals, & salt.

5) Get moving!! As little as 15-20 minutes of sustained movement can boost your metabolism, lift your spirits, reduce stress, & enhance your immune system. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, returning your shopping cart to the market door instead of leaving it next to your car , & parking a bit further from your errand destinations all contribute to a healthly dose of movement that doesn’t have to be a chore.

If possible, make a short 10 minute walk in nature..or even around the block at lunch part of your daily routine. Stationary biking, using Nordic Track machine, treadmill or even a mini trampoline while catching up on the daily news at home can also be simple ways of incorporating movement into your life without having to join a gym. Finding a favorite yoga or Pilates DVD is almost like having a personal trainer in your home.

6) Take your health into your own hands(literally) by holding one of your fingers lightly when you are stalled in traffic, waiting in line, watching t.v. or on the phone. Each finger effects over 14,000 functions in your body. For more information go to: Natural Self Healing Tools in the Links section of my website.

Remember behavioral scientists have found that a simple change becomes a lifelong habit after one month if done daily. So as the ancient Asian sages say..a journey begins with one step…

Stay tuned for quick & easy recipes that stave off a sweet tooth in my next blog.