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More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes – Eileen’s Millet “Mashed Potatoes”

There was a period during my sessions with Eileen that I could not have potatoes of any kind. I shared with Eileen that I missed the flavor and consistency of potatoes, so she came up with this delicious alternative for me.


1 cup water
1 garlic clove minced

1 onion minced

2 tbls oil of choice

1 1/2 cups cauliflower pieces

1 cup millet cooked

Freshly ground pepper to taste

In a large saucepan, saute the garlic and onion in the oil over moderate heat for 5 minutes, until softened. Add the cauliflower, and 1 cup of water. Cover and cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes until the cauliflower is fork tender.

In a blender or food processor, add cooked millet to the veggie mix & puree until smooth. Keep warm in a covered saucepan until ready to eat.

A Votre Sante`,


More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes – Eileen’s Quick Summer Salad

One very long, hot summer, I asked Eileen to share a quick lunch or dinner recipe for hot summer’s days.
Eileen also told me that Dr. Bieler favored cucumbers as a wonderful hot weather restorative as well as the “Bieler” staples, zucchini & summer squash.
If you have a sensitive digestive system or simply don’t do well with cucumbers, just omit them and add any lightly cooked summer squash in it’s place.
I hope you will enjoy this easy to prepare recipe as much as I have. It’s been a summer mainstay for many years.


1 cup lemon cucumber or English seedless cucumber thinly sliced
12-14 mini tomatoes halved (yellow are best as they are the least acidic)
2 cups cooked rice, kamut, or spelt elbow or rotelle pasta
1 cup chilled cooked zucchini sliced thinly before cooking al dente.
1 cup blanched & chilled brocolli flowerettes
2 cups julienned romaine lettuce
2-4 tbls raw, unsalted Pine Nuts (optional)
8-12 oz of your cooked protein of choice: chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, hard boiled eggs

DRESSING: Olive oil & Balsamic vinegar to taste or olive oil and lemon juice as preferred.
Toss everything well in the dressing except the protein and romaine lettuce. Gentley fold in the protein and romaine last.
Serve immediately. This recipe yields 2 servings.

A Votre Sante,

More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes – EILEEN’S PINK LEMONADE REFRESHER

With the warmer temps of summer upon us, I dug through some of the recipes Eileen shared with me to find this easy to make, refreshing summer time treat.


Combine unsweetened apple juice with the juice from enough lemon’s enough to make a 50/50 blend. Amounts depend on what size batch you are making.

Add stevia to taste stirring in enough fresh or frozen unsweetened raspberries to impart a pink hue to the mix.and break up the fruit.

This blend can also be frozen as is into popsicle molds, ice cube trays or simply enjoyed as is.

Eileen & Dr. Bieler always recommended if having this as a juice to dilute with bottled water. She also mentioned the “refresher” frozen into ice cubes is wonderful in decaf iced green tea as a special festive drink to serve at parties.

I like to enjoy my “refresher” diluted with unsweetened lemon or lime sparkling water mid-afternoon on a hot summer’s day.

A Votre Sante,


More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes


During the first year or so with my new way of eating, I was experiencing some energy drops and sweet cravings in between meals. Eileen suggest that I make a green drink consisting of 1 tbls. spirulina powder & 1 tbls. high quality Brewer’s Yeast mixed into a warm or cold cup of Bieler’s Soup. I was to drink this “potion” mid-morning and mid-afternoon to give me the nutrients my body needed to quell the sugar cravings, smooth out my energy drops, and stabilize my blood sugar. Not only was this “remedy” satisfying, but within weeks did the trick for what ailed me. Over the years, whenever I veered back into sweets over the holidays, this was my “go to” remedy.

To this day, after nearly 26 years in practice as a holistic health care practitioner, I still recommend this remedy to clients who need it with great success. It’s an especially effective remedy to “get back on track” after a prolonged period of holiday celbrations/ “falling off the wagon”. Of course, those with Candida/yeast issues would omit the Brewer’s Yeast.



More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes


Over the years when I called Eileen for help with a cold or flu, she recommended either Source Naturals Wellness Formula, Zinc Lozenges, Oscilloccinimum homeopathic, or the Chinese Herbal formulas Gan Mao Ling or Yin Chaio as an extra support in addition to a short specific fast.

For colds or flu when I experienced chills & body aches /higher fever she recommended I take 1-2 capsules of the Wellness Formula twice daily the minute I felt anything setting in, then cutting back to 1 capsule twice daily until I felt better… or Gan Mao Ling if I had it on hand.

For colds with scratchy throat & low/no fever she recommended the Yin Chaio or Zinc Lozenges if I caught it before the cold set in.

For general prevention she suggested a vial of Oscilloccocinum once weekly during the cold & flu season.

Food Remedies:

If I had a flu expressing as a high fever with body aches, she would recommend papaya juice diluted 50/50 with distilled water until the fever broke alternating with homemade beef broth (NO SALT) made with the cooking water of zucchini. I then could add in mashed zucchini or diluted zuchini puree with sauteed extra lean ground beef every few hours alternating with diluted papaya juice at least 1 hour later until I felt better.

With most colds she recommended diluted papaya or apple juice alternating with Bieler’s Soup..sans celery for 2-3 days. Zinc Lozenges at the onset was a mainstay she recommended to me to shorten the duration of the cold.

With any cough or sore throat she always recommended staying away from eggs, the cabbage family veggies and turkey.

A Votre Sante,


More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes


In the early 80’s, I was working 2 jobs to save for acupuncture school and got pretty run down. Eileen first suggested Henry Bieler’s classic “pick me up” of raw liver juice..which is basically raw liver pureed with water and strained before drinking. I could not handle even the thought of this remedy let alone try it, so Eileen suggested an alternative. Her idea was to saute a piece of organic beef liver lightly so it is still rare and cut into slices. Eat 2-3 slices in between meals once daily for a few weeks. She recommended I have this with a large cup of Bieler’s Soup adding a couple of small slices of cooked yam for additional minerals if needed. At this time my digestion & elimination was very strong, so the combination of small amounts of starchy veggie with small amounts of beef liver worked well.


One of Dr. Bieler’s remedies for adding additional calcium to the diet was ground eggshells. I also like the idea of using “the whole food” whenever we can. Here is the recipe Eileen gave me when I needed additional calcium, but could not tolerate any of the calcium formulas available at the time.

VIP……Make sure to only use organically fed, free range, preferabley fertile eggs for your “eggshell calcium”.

1) Wash leftover eggshells in warm water until the eggwhite is removed, taking care to leave the membrane which has nutrients to support joint health. Lay the washed eggshells on paper towels until fully dry. There is some controversy on air drying vs baking the eggshells in the oven to reduce any chance of bacterial residue, so use your own judgement on this point. I personally have been preparing my eggshel calcium via the air dry methods for years with no ill effects.

2) Powder the dried eggshells either in a small coffee grinder or place in two plastic bags and crush to a powder with a rolling pin.

3) Store eggshell powder in a glass jar with lid in a dry place like your pantry or kitchen cupboard.

According to my reseach sources, each 1/2 tsp. of eggshell powder yields 400-500mg of elemental calcium. Current thought is that in order to absorb the calcium you need to take it with vitamin D, magnesium (preferably citrate), and a small amount of vitamin C. …and absorb about 500 mg at one time. If you need more than 500 mg of calcium per day, it may be advisable to take one dose in the morning and one before bedtime.

When Eileen first recommended this to me, there was not the array of choices we have today in supplements. She suggested I take vitamin D and a little vitamin C with with the eggshell powder so I could absorb it better. Later as more formulas became available, I brought in “Pure Essence” Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus & Magnesuim Plus for her to check out. She told me it was a great formula for me and would agree with many people. Eileen also told me I could just take “Natural Calm” plus a small amount of “Alacer”, Emergen C Lite and vitamin D as an alternative.

The Ionic Fizz formulas are economical and well thought out providing a balanced co-factor profile for optimum utilization by the body. It also makes a tasty, refreshing drink!

Some folks take the eggshell powder dissolved in lemon juice that has dissolved at room temp for a few hours. You need to stir the concoction several times during the “mellowing” process, which is just too time consuming for me. I just place the eggshell powder in an empty gel cap and swallow it with my Ionic Fizz morning drink.

In the past few months I have read several abstracts that cite in double blind studies, that eggshell calcium powder combined with the additional vites/minerals mentioned above work as well if not better than other forms of calcium. Natural eggshell calcium also contains strontium and other nutrients that boost bone health. So once again, we see that Nature knows best giving us balanced nutrients in one whole package.

* Note: Dr. Bieler recommended taking 1/2 of a dime sized piece of eggshell and Eileen recommended a little larger than dime sized piece for me. Everyone is different in terms of their mineral needs, so start low and slowly increase the amount until you feel you are getting what is best for you.

A Votre Sante,


More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipies

Here are some of the natural remedies Eileen shared with me for insect bites and a non-toxic household ant repellant.


Take 3 drops of echinacea tincture mixed with 3 drops of goldenseal tincture in distilled water twice daily for 5-7 days.


Mix aloe vera gel with equal amounts of lemon juice and apply to the bite to reduce swelling and itching.

Of course with any insect or animal bite, eliminate all sugar and concentrated sweeteners from your diet and increase your low starch veggie intake along with liberal amounts of Bieler’s Soup. Since Eileen told me many times that a small amount (the operative word is SMALL here) of lemon acts as a cleanser to the system, I would always add a squeeze of lemon to my Bieler’s Soup.

I asked Eileen once about her feelings regarding the popular lemon juice/cayenne pepper/maple syrup daily cleanse and her response was that “less is best”, using a remedy as stimulating as this one only when needed AND if the adrenals are relatively strong/thyroid not over stimmed. She went on to say “when needed” would be at the onset of a cold or flu if the weather was cold and only once daily for a day or so.


Mix together equal amounts of :

Epsom Salts & flour (any kind) with the white of one egg

Stir until well blended and sprinkle at the entrance of any ant trails. This remedy has always worked like a charm for me over the years!

A Votre Sante,


………………..Next month more remedies & recipes from Eileen Poole

Quick and Easy Sweet Fondue

Here’s a recipe for our favorite holiday party treat that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Great for serving those last minute holiday drop ins!!

Quick and Easy Sweet Fondue

1 bag Carob or Organic Chocolate chips
3/4 cup coconut oil
Choice of natural extracts: peppermint, almond ,vanilla ,orange, raspberry or coffee

Assorted goodies to dip with bamboo or metal skewers:

Natural pretzels or small organic cookies.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!


Eating Seasonally Using Fall’s Bounty

Fall was a time in traditional societies to harvest the bounty of produce grown and to prepare them for storage over the winter months.  It was also a time to gather resources in preparation for the colder weather.

Now it’s also the time to set the stage for your health and well-being over the coming holiday season.  Your food choices now will help determine your health during the coming winter months.  By eating health supportively now, you boost your immune system and keep a healthy weight which becomes a foundation to see you through the next 4 months of frequent holiday celebrating.

Fall gives us an amazing selection of immune building foods like the pumpkin and winter squash families as well as tubers like yams and carrots.  These complex carbohydrates give us a naturally balanced sweet taste and stabilizes blood sugar fending off the munchies.  This in turn gives us a steady stream of readily available energy throughout the day.  The naturally sweet complex carbs also help us to adjust to the shorter days.

Combining these yellow and orange friends with a serving of whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa, or millet and a helping of protein along with ample amounts of low startch veggies gives you a health building, tasty meal which will also help keep your weight stable through winter.


Starchy Veggies:  Pumpkins, winter squashes (kabocha, banana, acorn) carrots, yams

Low Starch Veggies:  Brocolli,  Choy, Chard, Cauliflower, Kale

Fruits:  Apples, pears, persimmons, figs, pomegranates

Fall is the time to harvest many varieties of nuts to use as condiments or crunchy additions to grain and veggies recipes.  Enjoy the bounty of produce available through the coming months by creatively adding one new veggie, grain or fruit recipe each week.

A Votre Sante,


Gluten & Dairy Free Substitutes…Summer Holiday Favorites

With Memorial Day weekend almost upon us, closely followed by July Fourth celebrations, here are some healthy substitutes for summer time favorites to help keep you on track.

Everyone loves to indulge in ice cream and & fruit shortcakes at summer bar-b-ques, but if you are gluten & dairy intolerant, the summer celebrations can be a challenge.

If you have been invited to a party, bringing your own special contribution to the meal is usually welcomed by your hosts.  When throwing your own celebration, you can always have the traditional fare and offer some alternative dishes for both you & your guests.

Both “Soo Delicious” & “Pure Decadence”  offer a variety of  wonderful coconut milk/agave sweetened ice cream substitutes.  My husband, who is an ice cream connisseur, actually prefers “Pure Decadence” to ice cream.  If you can handle rice based products, “Rice Dream” makes a killer mint chocolate chip ice cream along with carob/chocolate coated “rice cream” bars.  I really like these!!

You can easily make your own shortcakes in less than 30 minutes by substituting any gluten-free baking/biscuit mix for the flour in a traditional shortcakes recipe.  Just top the short cakes with your favorite sliced fruit marinated in frozen unsweetened orange or apple juice concentrate.  Fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches  nectarines are great toppers.  We like to do combinations of fresh seasonal fruits.  Gild the lily with a scoop of any of the above ice cream substitutes.

To kick grilled chicken or fish up a notch, simply marinate for a few hours in “Sis Meliss”  gluten, soy & sweetner free Balsamic Vinaigrette.

For amazing grilled veggies, marinate in the same “Sis Meliss” vinaigrette.  Some super veggies to grill are any of the summer squashes, asparagus, artichoke hearts, zucchini & mushrooms.  Be sure to make a lot because guests usually go back for seconds & thirds.  If there are any leftovers, just toss into some cooked pasta for a tasty pasta salad.

Red potatoes halved & tossed in olive oil with some Spice Hunter or Frontier Pizza blend are a nice side dish.

For a refreshing spritzer, mix your favorite unsweetened fruit juice with sparkling water.  Float a few sliced strawberries with a slice of lemon or lime in each glass for some flair.  If you freeze the fruit slices it will keep a large punch bowl of this spritzer cool for hours without the diluting factor of ice cubes.

Some simple treats to beat the heat around the pool are a selection of sliced frozen & cubed fresh fruits.  Whole grapes, sliced oranges, pineapple, mango, nectarines, kiwi, strawberries, & peaches work well, along with cubed melons.

Remember to keep your water intake up during the summer months especially if you have imbibed in alcoholic well as your low starch veggies.

A Votre Sante……