Simple Strategies For Summer Colds & Flu

Due to the increased intake of higher sugar fruits,refined carbs, alcohol and summer desserts many people experience lowered immune systems making them more susceptible to colds flu.

Spending a lot of time in air conditioning can also stress the immune system due to the temperature differential from inside to outside.    Make sure you change your AC filters every few months to avoid dust/molds etc. from being re-circulated into the air you breath inside your home or office.  Using a small portable air purifier can be a good idea if your office building does not change filters often.

One of the most effective coping tools for a stressed immune system is of course increasing your low starch veggie intake to balance the higher intake of natural refined sugars/carbs.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on or are in the thro’s of one, the following suggestions can help to either head it off at the pass or decrease your down time.

1) Increase your vitamin C intake.  Emergen C Lite is a tasty way to do this.

2) If your symptoms are  what the traditional Asian healing arts would call “heat type” symptoms ( scratchy throat, irritability, low grade fever or just feeling hot),  then the Chinese herbal formula Yin Chiao or some echinachea will help.

If your symptoms are more “cold type”( body aches, chills, higher fever, can’t get warm), then Goldenseal , ginger tea or  Source Naturals ” Wellness Formula” will help.

3) Zinc lozenges every few hours can also shorten a viral episode significantly.  I like Quantum Labs formulas or Zand lozenges.

4) Taking a warm bath with 1/2 lb. each of sea salt/epsom salts/baking soda can help to lighten the toxin load through the skin and  will alkalinize the PH.

5) A  2-3 day fast on diluted Bieler’s Soup either warm or cold with a generous squeeze of lemon/lime juice alternating with diluted apple juice will speed recovery.

6)  You can take you health into your own hands..literally by lightly holding each of your fingers until a rhythmic pulse is felt.  This is a secret from the ancient traditional Asian healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu that will turn on your “Inner Healer” balancing more than 14,000 functions in the body with each finger.

7) Take the time to rest in order to allow your “Inner Healer” to do the needed work.  A few days off your normal exercise routine won’t set you back at all.

Stay tuned next month for some ideas for easing into Fall the healthy way.

A Votre Sante..