More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes – Dr. Bieler’s Yeast Restorative & Skin Masque

Over the years I was a client of Eileen’s she mentioned Dr. Bieler’s active yeast restorative many times which can also be made into a facial masque.

My husband & many of my client’s have benefited from the yeast drink when they have “run out of gas” from too much stress, work, celebrating.

For many clients with skin issues, this remedy has been a godsend…used both internally & externally.

This yeast used in this remedy needs to be ACTIVE DRY yeast used for baking NOT brewer’s yeast available in natural foods stores. Active yeast is much more alkaline and easily digested than the brewer’s yeast and will not cause digestive upset’s if taken properly.

Active yeast is chock full of B vitamins and is one of the most valuable remedies for toxic bile and acid. According to Dr. Bieler, because of it’s mild alkalinity, active yeast soothes inflamed surfaces (skin, digestive & elimination tract) & absorbs /neutralizes acids.

Acid, toxic bile from improper food combinations, in- appropriate food choices or food amounts can irritate the small intestine enough to cause spasms interrupting the normal peristalysis creating constipation & gas.

Yeast taken internally and applied externally in a masque has beneficial effect on the skin, most notably for acne & breakouts.


When I first heard of this remedy from Eileen in the early 80’s, Red Star Active Yeast cakes were still available. For the last decade, the only available active dry yeast is the Red Star Active Dry Yeast individual foil packets, unless you can buy some cake form from a bakery in your area. Most supermarkets and some natural foods stores carry the Red Star Active Dry Yeast packets.

Eileen said that Dr. Bieler recommended mixing 1 packet in warm water or warm raw milk and drinking first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. WAIT 1 HOUR TO EAT ANYTHING. Best taken again at night before bed at least 2 hours AFTER any food.

For those who are severly run down,the Yeast Restorative can also be ingested in the middle of the night .

VIP….. NEVER HAVE this active dry yeast drink with fruit juice or tomato juice..or followed by coffee, tea or your vitamins!! Always wait 1 hour before ingesting anything else.

If you experience some gas , it literally will pass in a few days after the liver has balanced/de-toxed.


Mix 1 packet of Red Star Active Dry Yeast with enough rosewater to make a thick paste. Apply to face & neck avoiding the eye area and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Wash off thoroughly with warm water , followed by some rosewater applied on a cotton pad as a toner, then moisturize.

I apply this masque once to twice a week.

A Votre Sante…