More Of Eileen Poole’s Remedies & Recipes

By Kaaren On MARCH 1, 2012

One of the basics Eileen shared with me that was true for all clients is to work on eliminating concentrated sweetners in any form reserving them for celebrations and special occasions only. Concentrated sweeteners create an acidic environment in the body exacerbating all inflammatory conditions.

The avoid list is as follows:

White sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, Succanat, molasses, corn syrup, fructose, honey, agave, date sugar, palm sugar, barley-malt, rice syrup, & rice bran syrup. Xylitol, maltilol, erythritol, and dextrose are all highly refined sugar alcohols that are best avoided.

Eileen told me many times that stevia & fruit juices were the preferred sweeteners for daily use, of course in moderation. Stevia is an herb that does not raise blood sugar, so for diabetics is safer than using fruit juices.

The balancing agents for a past or current overage in the concentrated sweetener category are the low starch vegetables category..with Bieler’s Soup being the foundation.

The basic rule of thumb is to shoot for at least 50% of your daily food intake in the low starch veggie category, including 1 or more cups of Bieler’s Soup.

An in depth list of recommended low starch vegetables and the recipe for Bieler’s Soup can be found in my two books, “Eat Your Way To Health” and “Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out”.

A Votre Sante,