February Product Pick of the Month

I’m just about finished writing my book “Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out” which is a holistic guide to natural facial rejuvenation. The book will include simple steps to create your own daily plan to turn back the clock , reduce stress, & enhance wellbeing.

This month’s product pick is a “must have” supplement to jump start your wellness & natural facial rejuvenation program.

BIOSIL, aka-orthosilic acid complex, helps the body to regenerate it’s own collagen which decreases with age. Along with enhancing collagen formation & skin elasticity, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkle depth. Other perks from taking orthosilic acid is that it promotes healthy bones & joints, supports the cardiovascular system, and strengthens hair & nails.

Only a few drops a day in juice does the trick.

It does take a few months of daily usage to begin to see changes, but it’s well worth it for all the benefits and economical price.

Both Jarrow & Natural Factors brands make excellent Biosil products. They can be found in most natural foods stores supplement section as well as online at “i herb store”.

A Votre Sante,


Stay tuned next month for more holistic natural facial rejuvenation tips.