Stress Less……And How To Get Your Beauty Sleep

Some Quick & Easy Tools For Reducing Stress & Getting A Good Night’s Sleep.

For those of you who have been under stress and/or experience insomnia, I have found a few things that can help to reduce stress and give you a good’s night sleep.

For women with hormonally related sleep & anxiety issues, both of the below tools will help, but addressing the hormone imbalance in conjunction addresses the cause.

LifeFlo makes an amazing Rollon Magnesium Oil  to be applied topically.  For those that do well with essential oils Life Flo has one with lavender oil and www.TaoofWellness has 2 rollon essential oil blends, Calm and Sleep products.

What I like about trandermal delivery is that it is quick into the system, it bypasses the first circuit through the liver and you can modulate the dosages to small levels for those that are sensitive…and you get the calming effect within minutes of when you need it.

I suggest applying the mag. oil to the solar plexus area in small amounts several times during the day for those with central nervous system overloads and on the acupuncture point PC6 (two fingers down from the wrist crease, dead center on the palmar side of the hand) or the center of the palm (PC1) if you have difficulty falling asleep or wake up during the night. I keep the bottle of rollon magnesium oil on my nightstand so I can easily reach it, just turning over the bottle onto PC6 and rubbing both wrists together so my hands don’t get sticky.

Make sure you take a balanced calcium/magnesium formula to ensure your mineral needs are met.  I like Pure Essence Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus for a delicious fizzy drink, Jarrow Bone Up for those who prefer a capsule and combo magnesium powders you mix with water like Natural Calm and Moon Juice Magnesium OM.  Natural Calm and Magnesium Om are great taken about an hour before bedtime.

Eating your last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime, foregoing coffee after 4pm, minimizing alcohol/sugar after dinner and powering off all digital devices will also help you fall asleep and stay asleep easier.

Listening to a guided imagery meditation, meditating and/or taking a warm bath in Epsom salts can also set the stage for a restful sleep.

I love 365 Epsom Salts with Lavender blend, but you can add your favorite essential oils like jasmine, vanilla, ylang/ylang or bergamot  to Epsom salt for a calming effect.  If you don’t like baths, try a foot soak using a plastic container to fill with warm water and the Epsom salt/essential oil blend of your choice..

Some of my favorite guided imagery mediations are offered free on You Tube.  Check out Jin Shin Jyutsu guided imagery meditations on their official channel as well as the 30 day meditation challenges  by Deepak Chopra and Oprah also on You Tube..

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