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Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Ebook.

Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Paperback.

Ageless Beauty

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Kaaren Jordan Saddle Fitting Consultant

Eileen Poole once said, "When you learn to choose the foods that are best for you, you honor yourself, not just physically, but on all levels."

"Eat Your Way To Health."

Foods & Their Role In Natural Healing

Whether by themselves or in conjunction with other therapies and treatments, foods are powerful, omnipresent healing tools. Eating the foods that are inappropriate for you will depress your immune response and make problems worse, just as eating the right ones will help your body deal with challenges more effectively. Since eating is not optional, it makes sense to have foods work in your favor.

Many people ask "What constitutes a healthy diet?" My reply is that each person as an individual needs to develop an understanding of what are appropriate food choices for their system. This means not only to understand overall balance, but also how to re-establish balance when things change, say when they are under stress or after times of celebration or emotional eating. A healthy diet therefore is not a static 'one diet fits all' concept but instead is more a flexible understanding of how to change your choices as your life changes.

Maintaining a health supportive diet requires knowledge of your body's unique needs and how to balance those needs while enjoying living your life to the fullest. Rigid unrealistic diets or strict concepts of 'good or bad' foods set us up to fail. They are not helpful in the long run as your needs will change according to the season, stress levels, travel, social activities, exercise demands, etc.. The food you eat also not only needs to fulfill your nutritional requirements but also should consist of readily available choices that are enjoyable and satisfying.

It's Simple, it's Easy and it's Effective!

One last thing...spending most of your time in the produce section will effortlessly create great results. The natural foods found in the produce section are varied, interesting, flavorful and inexpensive. They are also nature's balancing agents, providing you with a calm, energized sense of well-being 

"Eat Your Way To Health" has over 35 pages of recipes that will help you easily and quickly prepare these health giving foods into dishes, goodies, snacks and treats. With this information you can eat well, feel satisfied and improve your health all at the same time!

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I hope you'll find my site informative and I truly wish you the best of luck in your journey toward health and well being. When you're ready to take the next step, you can order your copy of "Eat Your Way To Health, E-Book by clicking the Order Now link below. You'll be taken to a page to order securely through Paypal. To set-up a personal consultation, please contact me.

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