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The New e-book, "Ageless Beauty
From the Inside Out"
...a simple 10 step guide to natural facial rejuvenation.

Kaaren's Books:

Eat Your Way To Health Ebook.

Eat Your Way To Health Paperback.

Kaaren Jordan - Eat Your Way to Health

Now Available In Kindle

Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Ebook.

Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Paperback.

Ageless Beauty

Now Available In Kindle

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Kaaren Jordan Saddle Fitting Consultant

Eileen Poole once said, "When you learn to choose the foods that are best for you, you honor yourself, not just physically, but on all levels."

"Eat Your Way To Health."


Optimal health and ageless beauty truly come from within. They are simply a reflection of the state of your health, mirroring the balance of body, mind & spirit. The process begins by cultivating an understanding of how to balance body, mind and spirit with your individual ever changing needs. The key to maintaining this balance is developing self awareness of how your food choices, daily habits and mental-emotional responses to life situations impact your overall well being. By learning how to choose appropriate foods, balancing your lifestyle, and applying simple self-care tools, you lay the foundation to create vibrant health and ageless beauty for a lifetime. It's never too soon or too late to begin the journey.

Menu of Services

Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Phone Consultations

Initial 1 1/4 hour session includes:

PRICE: $125.00
(PDF's will be emailed after payment for consultation is received)

What I Need From You:

  1. Two recent photos: one full length and one close up head shot.
  2. A picture of your tongue relaxed out of your mouth taken in natural daylight.
  3. A food journal of what you eat & drink over a 3-4 day period including meal times, snack times, rising & bedtimes.
  4. A list of all vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, homeopathics, OTC medications & prescription medications you are taking now. Please also note who recommended or prescribed the above & why.
  5. A list of what's going on in the physical, mental, emotional levels that you would like to work on together.
  6. Your birthdate/height/current weight and what you consider your ideal weight.
  7. Your current exercise routines/frequency/duration

Subsequent Phone Consultations Offered:

Ageless Beauty At Your Fingertips Phone Consultations:

Price - $125.00
(PDF's will be emailed after payment for the consultation is received).

Subsequent Consultations Offered:

Ageless Beauty At Your Fingertips Skype Video Classes:

PRICE= $150.00 per person

For more information and to set up your consultation, please call (805)245-9908 PST, 11am-6pm, 7 days a week or email:


Consultation Payment Information - Consultations can be paid using your credit card via PayPal (My Paypal account is by personal check or money order. Since I have a great calling plan if you live in the US I can call you for the consultation. I also offer audio and video consultations via SKYPE for those with SKYPE accounts.


In Person Consultations

Kaaren offers in person sessions & workshops in Los Angeles and the Santa Ynez Valley.

Menu of Services:

Natural Facial Rejuvenation Consultations

1 1/2 hour complete program includes:

1 hour session with your choice of:

45 minute hands on JSJ® natural facial rejuvenation session

Natural Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

Part 1... Ageless Beauty Basics

Since beautiful skin and a youthful appearance start from within, Part 1 of the workshop is offered as a simple guide to help you design a holistic plan for natural facial rejuvenation and optimal wellness that works over the long haul. The "10 Steps" outlined in the workbook, "Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out", will give you the tools to look at all aspects of your life as a whole in order to make effective, life long changes.

You will learn to create your own flexible anti-aging diet and exercise plan, how to choose natural skin care products and supplements that work, as well as recommendations for a daily acupressure for the face routine that can be done in minutes. Included are tips to improve sleep, reduce stress and increase energy while slowing the aging process naturally.

Part 2..Ageless Beauty At Your Fingertips

In this module of the workshop you will learn the foundation acupressure for the face patterns as well as " spot routines" that target all the areas of face and body which tend to show the signs of aging.

The simple style I teach is called Jin Shin Jyutsu® , which is an ancient Asian wellness art that works with the body's subtle energies in a way similar to acupressure. Self care JSJ® is a great way to reduce stress and maintain optimal health while you slow the aging process. These simple routines will help you to feel better, look younger, eliminate cravings and reach your ideal weight in only a few minutes a day.

All books and charts are included in this two part, 4 hour class which can also be taught in 2 hour segments.

Price $______


For more information and to set up your consultation, please call (805)245-9908 PST, 11am-6pm, 7 days a week or email: