Kaaren’s Product Pick Of The Month For March 2011

Coming into the spring allergy & virus season, it’s a good idea to have some immune boosting tools on hand to help.

I like to relax in a warm epsom & sea salt bath infused with essential oils at the end of a hectic day. This helps to keep my immune system strong by reducing stress and detoxifying my body. The perk is that is leaves my skin silky smooth.


1 -2 cups of pure epsom salt
1-2 cups of your pure sea salt or Himalayan salt
A few drops of your favorite essential oils

Add the above to a warm to hot bath & soak for 15-20 minutes.

If you have a medical condition such as heart or kidney disease, consult your medical doctor before using.

Because whatever our skin is exposed to is absorbed into our bloodstream, I choose carefully the soaking salts I use.

My favorite epsom & sea salts are sold by Salt Works. They offer a wide range of pure sea & Himalayan bath salts in fine, medium, & coarse grind choices as well as pure, high quality epsom salts at economical prices. Salt Works also carries one of the largest selections of gourmet table salts I’ve ever seen.

To order, contact Salt Works: (800)353-7258 / saltworks.us.com