January Product Pick of the Month

This review will be the first in an ongoing monthly series of natural products that I have found to be effective and economical.

“Sovereign Silver” First Aid Gel is a must to have on hand for any household. It’s child and animal friendly as well.

It’s an amazingly effective natural , homeopathic first aid gel that really works on a wide range of minor injuries and does not sting.

This odorless, transparent, colorless gel takes the itch out of insect bites within minutes, helps with pain from cuts, minor scrapes, blisters, sunburn, minor kitchen burns, and bruising. Skin eruptions from acne and pimples to rashes seem to disappear with a few applications.

I keep one on hand in the kitchen,, one in my purse, one at the stable where I keep my horses, and carry another in my waist pouch when I go out on trail rides for both me and my horses!!

Definitely would not be without this product to help with life’s little accidents.

You can order direct from Natural Immunogenics Corporation in Florida.


(954) 979-088

Kaaren Jordan